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Everyone has his own taste and preference when it comes to drinks. While some prefer juice, milk, some prefer  tea or simply water. My favourite has always been best coffee. Eversince I was a child I used to ignore milk for coffee. Obviously, this sounds weird as anyone as a child would have opted for milk instead of coffee. Well, for me, it was that nice and different smell of that coffee which attracated me the most. That  sour smell is so thick that it catches the sensitivity of my nostrils. In a way I got addicted to it. Up till now, I can’t start my day without sipping a nice cup gourmet coffee. Basically, in the morning, I like it with with milk, some cream, accompanied by my favourite chocolate cookies.

The natural taste of the coffee renders it unique and I like to appreciate each sip. This puts me in an absolute relaxing mood whenever I come back home, tired. Not only it is a good relaxing therapy but it also boosts up my energy. I, personally, whenever I have too many work to do, I like to drink coffee at different intervals of time so that I get more energy to complete everything. Believe me, it really works. However for  this purpose, I drink it as very dark coffee with just a little bit of sugar. As that sour taste explore my mouth, I feel like drinking more and more.

Coffee Shop

Coffee ShopCoffee Shop

Basically, some people believe that best coffee is harmful to our health as it contains caffeine, which according to them can damage the brain. But, I have been drinking coffee since so many years and I have not had such a problem. Hence, I believe that each of us does not have the same reaction from coffee consumption. Based on what I have learnt is that coffee can prevent from cancer and other illness.

Furthermore, it is so easy and practical to prepare. Unlike tea which takes time to boil till we we get the result, coffee can be prepared in just a few seconds. Coffee is available in different texture-coarsely grinded and fine powder. They are sold at affordable prices. The best part is that coffee can be prepared in different styles, be it simple black coffee, cold coffee, coffee as milkshake or  cappuccino.

Hence these are some reasons for which you, people, should start drinking coffee as from now.


Gourmet Coffee is a new brand of coffee available on the market. It  is a made in England product, which has been produced for  all coffee lovers. Unlike other coffee brands, this one is considered as unique, in terms of taste, texture, and price. Therefore, Gourmet Coffee is available in different forms, the coarsely grinded coffee are particularly for  those who love black and strong coffee. Those who love creamy coffee can opt for the finely crushed coffee mixed with powdered milk and finally the one which is being sold out the most, the coffee syrup. Actually, this was to target the young people as compared to others,they prefer more more sweetness in their coffee.

Basically, our coffee plants are well cultivated in the valley where natural irrigation is available. Rainfall as well as humidity. The plucking of the coffee beans are done twice a week. They are then sent to the mill for proper processing. The best techniques are used so as to improve productivity and production quickly. Reasons for which our coffee are being largely exported as well as many hotels, restaurants are being interested in our products. And recently, we have also received orders from other small coffee shops.

The coffee beans are well roasted at a particular temperature so as to get the accurate result. As in some cases we do notice that coffee from other brands are sometimes over  roasted or not roasted enough. When the roasting process is completed, the coffee beans are then sent to another section where certain impurities are removed. Then the granules are then reduced into coarse and fine powder. Great care is taken so as to avoid any complaints from our customers.


Unlike any ordinary coffee packaging, ours is far different. We have a range of packaging so as to facilitate the consumers’ choice. As for people who like to drink coffee at their place of work, we have designed for them a little packet of coffee, made of aluminiun foil of 5g which they can carry without any discomfort. They can easily prepare their coffee by just adding hot water to it as sugar also has already been added. The coffee powder is also available in boxes of 100g. The boxes are in spiral form to add a unique look to it. They are all well sealed to avoid any exposure to heat by which they could melt. Beautiful designs are printed on the boxes which easily attract consumers’ eyes , as well as a plastic spoon is found inside. On the other hand, a special coffee has been particularly produced for the young. This cold coffee consists of water, coffee, powder and caramel. It is available in colourful bottles of 250ml. Moreover, when consumers buy our product, they get 10% free coffee powder along with small packets of sugar.


The most common technique people use for advertising is through media. Television, radios have helped us greatly to achieve the maximum level of sales. Many hotels and restaurants confirms that they were amazed by the way our coffee is produced.

However we do have our own advertising methods. Our coffee brochures are found on our website. Below are our coffee brochures. If you want the best coffee,then buy Gourmet Coffee.


As we reached the highest levels of sales and profits through our successful advertising strategies,we had invested the revenue in setting up a coffee shop.It is named CoffeeBrasilia. CoffeeBrasilia is a modernized coffee store built in the centre of London. It welcomes all categories of people. Some comes at CoffeeBrasilia with friends as they believe that drinking coffee together helps their friendship to grow deeper. While some comes to relax themselves, some claims that it is a very pleasant place to work while sipping a nice cup of coffee.


CoffeeBrasilia is painted in blue and white. These two colours were chosen in relation to people’s preference as before the shop was set up, a survey was done. Blue and white acts as soothing effects on the customers unlike other  coffee shop where it is painted in black or brown-two horrible colours which make the atmosphere negative. Various pictures about gastronomy are well placed on the walls to attract the customers and to stay in a hungry or thirsty mood. The texture of the walls is of a unique type,by which many customers are very much fascinated. The Coffee shop is actually a two stairs building, where downstair, coffee and foods are served and upstairs some computers are specially kept for those who comes here to work. This is not for free, ofcourse, but, the price is affordable. Moreover, it consists of two washrooms, well cleaned and somehow classy.

As we wanted a unique cafetaria, we bought our furniture and accessories from thousands of choices. All our furniture are imported ones, some of which are long lounges and square shaped tables. All are of white colour matching accurately with the blue and white walls. As per the survey done. we realized that as long as the coffee shop gets fancier, more customers will visit it. Therefore, music is put on everyday. We also play it according to the customers’ choices as some prefer light music while some opt for more rocking songs. Sometime karaoke are played where the customers are interested to sing. There are also wifi connections and this attract particularly the youngsters.


CoffeeBrasilia provides a large variety of coffee and foods:

(1)    Cappucino

(2)    Coffee with cream

(3)    Coffee with milk

(4)    Hot black coffee with caramel

(5)    Cold coffee

(6)    Coffee in milkshake

Concerning food, we offer cream cakes, chocolates cakes, cheese sandwiches, chocolate cookies and other biscuits. All these at affordable prices. On the other hand, we have also thought of the people who suffer from diabetes. Special coffee and food are made for them. Many black coffee with non fat milk. Some honey which acts as sugar and light crackers or cereals.

So much facilities under only one roof…..No doubt CoffeeBrasilia is the best.

Reviews : We have been using the coffee advertising templates, brochures, posters of BloganKids, being a novice in using softwares and computer, it was very easy to edit the templates to fit our needs. Thank you ! Will keep buying.

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Download Premium Coffee Brochure Design

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