Coffee Lovers – How to Advertise your Coffee Shop

Coffee Party Invitation

Coffee Shop Business Plan

If you own a coffee shop and your business is doing good or it is going down, either way, i am sure you have thought about how to advertise your business. There are many advertising ideas.This can be sometimes difficult to come to a conclusion about what you really need to increase sales. To know about the coffee drinkers is very fundamental. Do you have office workers who often drink your cheap coffee? Or is it the teenagers or university students who come to buy coffee? Who is the most present in your coffee shop? You need to think about which audience you want to target, the women, the men, or the teenagers. What are your coffee brands and do you

Coffee Party at your Coffee Shop

One of the many advertising ideas is to host a party at your coffee shop. It can be once a month, or once a week. In this party you give discount cards to your clients. The discounts make many people to come, and use the discounts to boost more sales. People always are very tired after work and they go in coffee shops or bars to get relief or to a spa / sauna. So you can use this idea to increase sales of your business or keep your sales smooth.

Example :

Your normal sales per day is 100products = $1000

You give a 20% discount, 20/100 x 1000 = $200 , means you will make a loss of $200, but it is a market strategy, that will bring you more later on. This calculation was done on 100 sales of coffee products, but imagine if you give the 20% discounts, and you sell 200 products, so you will be making $1600 per day instead of $1000 per day at your coffee shop.


Party Time at your Coffee Shop

Hey coffee brewers it is time to host a party at your coffee stores. How many time again we have to wait till we party and meet new people. The are many coffee lovers that are waiting. Have you prepared gifts for coffee lovers? There are millions of coffee companies and still they never think about hosting a discount party.

DOWNLOAD – Here are some sales flyer Invitation Cards that you can send to your customers to come to your party :

Coffee Party Invitations Coffee Party Invitations Coffee Party Invitations

Professional Service at Your Coffee Shop

Just advertising is not sufficient. Advertising is just a part of everything. You also need to offer quality products and quality service. Your workers should be hardworking and and very polite. If the workers in your coffee shop do not have patience to deal with clients, you need to fire him out. Remember, clients always like to feel at home. Just a simple smile, with a Hello, can bring a change to a client after a long hard day. Your coffee shop should be a place where everyone forgets his sadness or responsibilities and enter in a mood of peace.


DOWNLOAD – Coffee Menu Cards Template

Coffee Shop Menu Coffee Shop Menu

DOWNLOAD – Coffee Benefits Brochure for your Coffee Shop

Coffee Benefits Brochure Coffee benefits Brochure

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