2014 Corporate Brochure Design

Two great 2014 Corporate Brochure Design

Are a small business looking for brochure design to advertise your business? Then you have some at the right place, here is two elegant creative corporate Tri Fold Brochure for you lay out your text and pictures depending on your business. These brochure ideas have been designed with a creative aspect breaking the normal trend in brochures. This is a perfect way how to market your business in your locality. You should focus on your advertising also rather than just to provide service. Know that your service can be top notch, but people are used to take into account about who advertise themselves more. These designs are print brochures which you can also send by pdf to your potential clients or registered clients. For the printing you need to select brochure paper that is a bit thick with no patterns on it or other effects.

Best Ideas of Brochure Design

These tri fold brochure design is of A4 and is designed on Adobe Indesign Cs3. So you need a minimum requirement of the Adobe Indesign Cs3 Software. To edit the design, it is easy. There are many brochure examples online. You have to select those who fit your needs and business and those which are fully editable and which is designed on a software that is understood by the majority of designers. So that if you send it to the brochure printing services, there will be no problems. These sample brochures are of glossy type that makes your business seems classy and professional. Impression counts, so impress your audience. Making a Brochure by yourself can be very hard if you are not a designer, so why not choose from the professional designs you are provided with. Cheap brochures do not mean they are not professional, it simply means that designers have found a way how to give the small business the opportunity to advertise themselves in a creative way but at a cheap cost.

2014 Best Brochure Design

These brochure samples are my first 2014 edition of corporate brochure design. I have made these after a great research on colours and layouts to bring a little innovative design in the brochure layout. Many people ask how to make a brochure? The answer is simple, how does a doctor make a surgery? He had to study and learn. Same for brochure design, there are many so called “Graphic Designers”. A professional graphic designer went to University and did 4 years of study to receive a Bachelor Degree. So basically, they did not just learn some software and they became Graphic Designers. Great designs are obvious to the eyes to know if they are Professional Graphic Designers or “braconiers”.



Brochure Design Brochure Design


Brochure Design Brochure Design

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