True Love Wedding Invitations Templates

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Binded with true love? That’s great news, only the lucky ones get true love in life. Some cherish that love till their death, some cheat that love in the journey of life. To keep a love flourish everyday and always, partners should be unique and not routine in suprising their lovers. One of the best ways to start a longterm love marriage is a to start everything with different and unique memorable moments. So here i will show you some wedding invitations templates that you can use to invite your guests.

What is true love ?

1. True love definition is where you love the soul of the person rather than their physical body only. Yes, it is very important that you like the physical body of your partners too, if not you will cheat him or her later on. What is more important is that you have to believe that this love is forever to heaven. So whatever happens to your partner, whether he made an accident and lost all his or her teeth, or he/she got his hand cut, you are going to still love your beloved and kiss him or her.

You need to put yourself in your beloved place everytime. What if it was you who lost all your teeth in an accident, how would you feel if she hated you then? Really bad and heart broken right? Love is not just sex to fulfil someone’s satisfation. Sex is one part of it. The day you feel that kind of love, it will be so beautiful, just like an addiction to taste that love every moment of your life.

Signs of True Love

  1. Soul Love : You need to appreciate his or her inner qualities and try to understand and correct his or her bad qualities with patience.
  2. Patience is Virtue : Be patient in everything, don’t just get angry. People always get angry because they lack patience in dealing with problems.
  3. Broken Promises : Always try to keep your promise, but don’t lie in order to keep your promise. If you are in some problem, try to discuss with your partner and explain your problems before it is already late.
  4. Communication : You need to communicate daily, either you want your love to survive or you want your job or career. But in majority true love, those who prefer their career always run again to their lovers later on. Because you cant work without love.



(A) Download this Tri Fold Wedding Card

wedding card

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wedding invitation cards

wedding invitations cards


(B) Download this Wedding Card Design

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