The Importance of Newsletters in Business

SPEED UP YOUR SALES – A newsletter is a cost efficient way for a business to build relationships and to maintain regular contact with potential clients. Newsletters are a crucial asset in a company. In 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Study found that 78% of people used newsletter templates. It was so commonly and vastly used. Nielsen Norman Group asked people how those potential clients would like to get updated, 90% cited newsletters versus a minority of 10% cited social media.


A newsletter publication gives your company the opportunity to increase awareness among people about your products and services. Clients or customers have little perspective of what your business can offer them. If they saw your advertisement on newspaper or television, maybe they would have a little understanding. But newsletter content builds a broader picture and make clients to understand more when you give them regular important articles and services updates.


A newsletter can show that you have expertise and that would build trust in your company and around your clients that you are a potential supplier. Companies that write great newsletter content and a professional design proves that they are an industry leader. So in brief, to establish leadership, you have to include articles that cover important issues in your business or market sector or share useful information to customers on industry research. If you are holding conference or open day presentation, provide the details.


Newsletters can be a great medium to promote yourr products and services or to make the public aware of your newly launched products. When you publish it alongside with all your other advertising or marketing campaigns, this make greater impact. You can think of running a campaign through the newsletter that belong to the readers alone, this definitely will enhance readers to regularly read your publication and make it popular.


Publishing newsletters on a regular basis, whether it is daily, weekly, monthly, this helps you to maintain contact with your clients between purchases or sales calls. If you think you have a decision-making process that is long and complex, you can use newsletters to explain to your clients and easy their decision making process. If customers rarely buy your products, for example the same client will not buy a car everyday, through your publication you can maintain contact between purchases to the next sales opportunity.

Newsletter Ideas for you to use in your marketing :

This is a famous template that is wanted by majority of small businesses for their marketing.

indesign newsletter




newsletter template

business newsletter





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