Leeds University Newsletter Template

The Leeds University student council uses one of the best selling newsletter template available. Mark Sterling says that the newsletter design from Kathie Tanner is astonishingly wonderful and is thankful that it has been a great success to communicate with the university campus.

Often, when i was still in university for my BA Graphic Design & Multimedia, the student council speeches never reached me. I would always wonder why these people don’t use a brochure, flyer or even a monthly newsletter to be able to communicate with the rest of the students. I could understand that it was not easy to get a newsletter designed, and even the Graphic Design students did not have much time to give to any social activities on the campus. Every student, those who wanted the best results were working hard to be able to get the 1:1 BA Degree.

In this newsletter example, you are able to list the student council activities and much more. It is an indesign template of 12 pages that is easily editable and print ready.

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School Newsletter


Student Council

Sample Newsletter


Business School

School Newsletters


School Newsletter

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