Year 2014 Amazing Newsletter Ideas

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Newsletter Ideas to beat down your competitors

How frustrating it is to see your competitors racing towards the peak of business while you have just started your company. Wait a minute, if you are really frustrated, then you should not. All you have to do is to analise the problems and get the solutions. So today i will talk about one of the solution of how to boost your profit in your company. Eureka, yes, its all about newsletters. Newsletter is a very strong asset in the life of a business. Whenever i see people trying hard to make their company works, it makes me sad. Really, a business is not driven with hard work, but rather smart work.

Don’t work hard. But work smart.

It is useless that you put all the time in working hard rather than taking some hours to brain storm with your collegues or yourself to know how you can improve your ranks in people’s eyes. Being a small business, you would not go to a marketing/advertising agency to find solutions for you. It is obvious, the problem is all about money. Try to get a template of a small business newsletter. Nowadays, many things are very affordable. Get the best newsletter formats, that suits you.

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Advantages of using Newsletter Ideas

So what is this newsletter ideas you keep hearing about? First and foremost, newsletter ideas save you time and money too. Everything is arranged in a newsletter template, the place where you put your logo, the lines where your title goes and a dummy where to put your pictures. All you need is to get your articles written and have your pictures ready, and you are able to edit these in a matter of seconds.

By the end of the day you are going to have a nice looking and professional company newsletter.

It also brings your imagination to another level, you will not have to start from scratch, if you want to move the content on the templates, you will be at ease and maybe you are going to be more creative. This helps you in a way that you won’t be on your chair thinking of inspiration. These templates save you from headaches, they are print ready, all the technical specifications are already input, all you will have to do is to go to a print shop and get it printed.

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Indesign and Photoshop Newsletter Ideas

The killing designs of newsletters are now those of Phtoshop and Indesign templates. I remember many people who used Microsoftword templates, but i advise you to leave this “old School”, always remember, for a great newsletter you need great content and great design. We should not be arrogant like some people say :

A newsletter’s power lies in the content and not the design – This thinking is wrong. A POWEFUL NEWSLETTER lies in a great CONTENT and a great DESIGN.


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