How to Design a Business Newsletter

How to Design a Business Newsletter?

Designing a business newsletter can be very easy if you have the know how. It has two main parts, one is writing the content, content writing is a very powerful way of marketing your company. We will not go in details in the content writing, but you should understand that you need to hire a person who is a specialist in this field. If you think you can do all the work by yourself, and so why not write your own content for a newsletter, then you are WRONG! A marketer writes on your business the way others will see it. But you will write about your business the way you want it to be shown, most of the time you will write so much without being able to nail it. So let us get to the Graphic Design of the Newsletter.

Graphic Design of a Newsletter

Some years ago, business owners would download some free newsletter layout on the internet and modify it. These templates were so dull. With the incoming of many graphic design markets, today it is possible to get premium company newsletter templates at a very cheap price, around $6 to $10. These beautiful templates are done using Photoshop or Adobe Indesign. Long time ago, a company owner would argue that they don’t know these softwares, they would prefer word. But now they have understood that to create great Newsletter template, they would need at least some basic knowledge of a cutting edge graphic software. And now many are downloading powerful high end Newsletter examples, then they edit it in no time.

Great Designers of Newsletters

Designers who were working on a hiring contract, are now moving to the Design Markets, where they design awesome newsletters which are easily editable. These templates, either photoshop(psd) or indesign, are print ready and are used by many small and big enterprise. Below you can find a newsletter Design which i did, you can download it and help me to create a large variety of designs for businessmen.

*By Kathie Tanner (BloganKids)

Newsletter Examples


Newsletter Template






newsletter design





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