Spa Invitation Card

Do you need a Spa Invitation Card?

Yes, i am saying a nice looking spa invitation card. Do you own a parlour where you provide services such as massage, manicure, nail care, waxing and threading and makeup? You must be working very hard, as a spa owner is always busy with its clients. So maybe you don’t have enough time to concentrate on your marketing or advertising. So we are here to propose you a great Flyer / Card to boost your clients or to keep your clients still on.

Check this awesome flyer dear friends. You can DOWNLOAD HERE >>


Discount at the Spa?

Wow, that would be awesome. I am usually working 20 hours a day and i would personally love it to have a discount at the spa for a great massage. Unfortunately not many Spa Resort offers a discount every month. What if you could offer a great deal at your parlour? Would that not be welcoming?

Check this awesome Invitation Card dear friends. You can DOWNLOAD HERE >>



These are Photoshop Templates

You guys need to move with creativity and trends. Doing a flyer on Microsoft Word was 100 years ago, so move to Photoshop. It gives you the total control over the design. These templates above have been designed on Photoshop and a tutorial provided how you can easily edit and insert your pictures.

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