Do you offer Plumbing Services? Read this!

plumbing services

Do you Offer Plumbing Services?

If yes, then you are one of the people who has the best job ever. Do you know how many plumbers are needed in this world? Too many.. yes.. usually we people who goes to work in offices don’t have time to take care of pipes and holes.. but we do have time to take care of other pipes and holes.. just kidding. So yes, let’s get back to the topic. I am Kathie Tanner, a Graphic Designer by profession. And i try to ease life of people to boost their business and sales. Today i will be showing you some marketing kits that you may use in your marketing strategy.

plumbing services


Plumbing Services Flyer Template

You have perhaps have had so many flyers published and distributed to people. People have called you to hire your services. You must be a Happy Plumber.. Perhaps you could be more happy if you could be more “Direct To Action” in your marketing strategy. Don’t you think so? What do you mean oh Kathie Tanner? So what i mean is that, many times people tend to have so many things on a flyer badly arranged and not proportionate which becomes dull to the eyes. So instead of many people hire you, many people throw your flyers in the dustbins. Check out this DIRECT TO ACTION Flyer design below :



plumbing plumbing flyer ideas plumbers


Be a successful Plumber

Being a successful plumber does not need big stuffs. You already have your skills of fixing pipes and leaks. All you need is to borrow skills of other professionals. Let me give you an example, if you want to do your marketing and you think you can design a flyer by yourself, then you are getting yourself WRONGED! Lets be realistic, we are all professionals in our field. So if you need a flyer designed for example, just buy one or hire a designer.

The flyer templates that you see above are easily editable. It is a photoshop template, PSD layouts.


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