7 Secrets of Successful Plumbing Contractors

Life of a plumber is difficult.

Difficult in the way to survive in the competing world.

Plumbers have been growing like Mushrooms in the past 5 years.

The reason, it is one of the top paid job.

Being one of the top paid job, it has been really important for Qualified Plumbers to distinguish themselves.

Lets hear what Alex Jubreuil has to say on how Plumbers can be Successful:


Your Image is Crucial

Your image is crucial. The way you dress yourself, the business card you give to people, the flyers and brochures you distribute, your website.. all these say lots about you. If you nail your image correctly, you will go up the ladder quickly.






Don’t fuck the wife of your Client

As you have seen on the web, there has been relationships between plumbers and wives of the clients. I know some plumbers who have done that and got into trouble. So beware.



You should have great manners when dealing with clients. If a client calls you, it means he needs you now. Its your job to fix his piping problems asap. So know when a room is being flooded with a Broken Pipe, you can’t tell the client “I am busy now, call you back later”. This is so rude.

A plumber is a “saviour” of a chain of problems. So you should hear what the client has to say, talk politely even if you are doing a $10000 work on the other side. Try to find a Freelance pumber or another friend who is plumber to go an fix the problem.


Be just in your Pricing

People don’t always like cheap price. They want a GREAT JOB. If you think you won’t be able to do the job correctly, if you think there will need to be lots of fittings to buy, quote a Reasonable price. Fix the problem.


Be on time

Be punctual when you have to meet your client. Be on time with your work. If you tell your client that you will finish the work in 2 weeks, make it a must to finish it in two weeks.


Don’t be an Octopus

If you have undertaken a work, finish it as soon as possible. Don’t try to get four contracts at the same time if you don’t have the necessary team. Better finish a job and get paid.


Don’t do work on Credit

If you work and give credit facilities to people, you will go bankrupt. This is Plumbing industry.


Follow Technology

Get to know technologies available to you to do your work faster. It save time and money.

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