How to write a Newsletter

If you’ve built an opt-in list, or if you’re planning on building an opt-in list, then you’re probably aware that you need to supply that list with regular, valuable information. One of the most powerful avenues for providing information is by publishing a newsletter. In this article, we’re going to take a close look at how to write a newsletter, and offer you some important considerations before you get started.

An email newsletter that serves an opt-in list has two main objectives. First, it should help establish and build upon your relationship with your list. This doesn’t mean you have to tell them what you had for breakfast or where you went for your vacation last summer. It does mean that you want to be yourself, to be real, and still establish your expertise and knowledge about the topic at hand.

Your second objective is to make sales. This goes hand in hand with the first objective. Once you establish yourself as knowledgeable, as trustworthy and real, the people on your list will be far more likely to purchase products from you. The most effective way to make sales is to present the offer honestly, with your true opinion on the product and a recommendation if you feel it deserves a recommendation, a pass if you feel it doesn’t live up to its promise.

With your objectives in mind, here are five considerations when publishing a newsletter …

1) Keep your content on target. If your opt-in list was built around affiliate marketing, don’t fill your newsletters with information about building AdSense websites. As much as possible, keep your content related to your target topic. That’s your area of expertise. That’s the area that drew the interest of the people on your list. Give them what they want. For example, staying with our topic of affiliate marketing, your newsletter might contain information about how to evaluate an affiliate program, using AdWords to promote your affiliate program, building a review site to promote your affiliate program, etc. Simply stated: be sure to provide information that meets the needs of your subscribers.

2) Provide unique, quality information. The content of your newsletter should well-written, valuable, solid articles. They should be interesting, informative, and worth the time of your subscribers. This is not the place for sloppy, inaccurate PLR articles that you found on the Internet. Your articles should be your articles (or ghost written articles that are well written and informative). Always check for spelling and grammatical errors. Always maintain a professional, honest presence. The trust of your client is at stake here!

3) Fact-check your articles. Make sure the information you provide is accurate and helpful. People have subscribed to your newsletter list in order to benefit from your expertise and knowledge in the topic. If they can’t trust the content you provide, they’ll either suffer the consequences of what you tell them or they’ll realize that you aren’t trustworthy and drop off your list. Spend the few minutes it takes to get your content right. Your subscribers will appreciate the extra effort.

4) Provide fresh content. If you publish stale articles and old news items in your newsletter, you risk losing the interest of your subscribers. If they’ve read it all before, then where’s the value? Again, deliver the best to your newsletter readers. The higher the quality, the fresher the articles, the happier your subscribers will be.

5) Avoid copyrighted materials. There’s information floating all over the Internet. For many people, it’s tempting to “borrow” some of it. Don’t! This is outright plagiarism. Not only is it unethical, it’s illegal. You put your entire business at risk when you plagiarize. If you don’t have the time or the expertise to write your own content, then go to or and hire someone to write the content for you. There are plenty of accomplished, professional article writers that can write your content for a reasonable fee.

Publishing a newsletter doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Follow these five “how to write a newsletter” tips and you’ll be well on your way to delivering a valuable, information-packed newsletter to your subscribers.

Examples of Newsletter :

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double side newsletter flyer



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